• Every 3 hours in Australia
    a limb will be lost as a direct result
    of diabetes-related foot disease
  • The major causes
    of amputation are:
    Vascular Disease
  • The major causes
    of amputation are:

  • Limbs 4 Life provides pathways
    to Peers
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    & Carers support...
  • Information,
    Social Networking
    & Sporting Opportunities
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  • We're here to support you

Limbs 4 Life provides support for


their families, caregivers
and health care providers.

Peer Support

Speaking to another amputee can make a difference to your outlook and ease concerns placed on you and your loved ones.

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Carers, Children & Youth

A new three year pilot project supported by the nib foundation, this program provides formal and social support to parents, carers and young people who have a limb difference.

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Personal Stories

Browse and download our extensive collection of real life amputee stories and watch the new video profiles.

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Care 4 Feet

Encouraging Australians to take care of their feet, The Care 4 Feet campaign is a call to action from Limbs 4 Life.

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Amp-Link Forum

The AMP-Link forum has been created to assist amputees to keep in touch. Join us and contribute to your growing community.

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Rehabilitation is generally seen as the second stage in your recovery process, following your stay in hospital for surgical and related treatments.

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Getting your life back

One of the most important things for all of us is getting our lives back to the way it was prior to amputation.

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There is a huge range of components available for prostheses. Many are interchangeable and can make a big difference to your comfort and function.

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All amputees have differing recovery times, depending on the reason for amputation, level of amputation, unknown factors and possible complications.

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Providing information and support to amputees and their families while promoting an inclusive community

Limbs 4 Life believes that no individual should go through the trauma of limb loss alone and should have access to an organisation that understands their circumstances, can arrange connections and provide up-to-date information. Limbs 4 Life offers a range of programs and services that assist amputees, their families, their care givers and health care professionals.